Apr 27, 2010

so this weekend i ended up going flattop with josh garrett and tim. it was fun and there are some fun jumps and rails to play around on. then i went to the slush cup where i saw a bunch of people and walked around for a little bit. After that i went to Rindi's house.

 the fat bubble in 
Garrett's new death lens. you cant see it in the video thankfully.

 hah fish eye makes this rail look soo small
 Garrett was havin fun even though his foot was hurting. 

 my first day using the GL1

 the rent-a-cop even decided to come see wats goin on

 old man Jinkins 
 slush cup

 seth found a cane
 walkin around G-Wood

 this cats eye was soo amazing to me but idk...
 new snow at flattop

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