Mar 30, 2010


Mitch with an attempted tailpress
Josh Walker at the junkyard
Josh switch front board
Josh Switch 50 back one
Garret filming mitch
Josh hugs trees?
Oh ya and then ethan diess showed up with transworld.

Mar 25, 2010

its just that day


OH what!? one footed???

checkin it out

             the things he does!

i think this looks like a painting.

Casmir and Rindi!

its all about how you look at it. 

Hilltop shoot

Ahh Stonkler

Josh with a press
josh again

No footer haha

Furry Hats

Spencer does kung fu

Mitch at south

Justin with a back lip 270
Justin back 3 on back 3 out

Mar 23, 2010

three mas

Some summer pics from the girdwood skatepark

Hey this is mitchell and i am now an official contributer to Powder Passport so im gonna throw up some pictures a few of these are from last year but i thought they deserved to be posted

Mar 18, 2010

Beginning of spring!!

hiking sucks 

filming day #1
those lenses are mirrors 
Carson teaching Peter for nationals
its all about the right shot
reviewin the shot
look at grants back muscles! hahha
the bow and arrow grab hahahah

tight white pants....
tweaking it out
John Deere!!

the grabs he does....

everyone loves the sun
he beat someone up for that shirt! hahah

jake learning octo grab
monkey arms
nose grab
jakes costume for the edit.
i wanna get a follow shot with this.

reviewin the shots
he's like a bird

he's tellin us how old he is


he got some of the sun to
the Mitches!